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Select the Right Dog Shampoo?

Here are 5 commonly asked questions about showering and dog shampoos.

What will happen if we use human shampoo on dogs?

Like how we can consume certain food such as chocolates, caffeine, grapes etc. but they can be fatal to dogs, using human shampoo on dogs, although does not lead to such dire consequence, should not be used. The reason is simple, a dog's skin is a mere 1/3 the thickness of human's. This makes their skin more sensitive and prone to dermatitis and other skin-related infections. Human shampoos are higher in acidity which will strip moisture off your dog's skin, leaving it susceptible to bacteria attacks.

What should we look out for when selecting a dog shampoo?

Ingredients that make up the shampoo!

What we want is to ensure that there is a full ingredients disclosure from the manufacturer and keep in mind the use of natural ingredients, or those from botanical sources. Ingredients like parabens, formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol should be avoided when possible! Although they do not pose any major threats to your dog, however, if your dog has has an underlying health issue, some of these ingredients may cause it to develop an allergy reaction which can lead to complications as time goes by.

Do note that every dog has its own sensitivity to different ingredients, so it's wise to monitor your dog carefully should they develop any reactions after a bath, especially when you have recently switch its shampoo brand.

Why are dog shampoos generally more expensive than humans'?

Like everything in the market, there is a wide range of shampoo products in the market. With this variety comes with different pricing. Good quality shampoos can be costly, however, one you factor in the frequency of showering, your dog's shampoo can outlast yours! With proper research, a good shampoo is worth the investment. No owner will want to run the risk of having to bring your dog to the vet as a result of using a bad shampoo, right?

How often should I shower your dog?

Although there is no "right answer" to this question, we'd recommend that you shower your dog not more than once every 5-8 days. There are few who recommend bathing a dog with normal skin once a month with dog shampoo and if you increase the frequency, use a moisturising shampoo to prevent the skin from becoming dry. However, it's not wise to shower your dog more than once a week, unless recommended by your vet, which in this case, your dog probably has some underlying medical issues to be addressed.

Dog conditioners, what are they then?

We believe that the terms dog shampoo and conditioner, are used on purpose so that dog owners can relate to these products better.

If your dog develops dry skin, it may not necessarily indicate an infection. Excessive showering or the environment can cause your dog to develop dry skin, especially when you do not follow-up with a moisturiser. A conditioner can be the moisturiser your dog needs during post-shower.

A leave-on conditioner after showering and drying your dog, helps to maintain their coat's natural oil while the convenience of a leave-on is a plus. For dogs whose fur tangles often, a conditioner with detangling effects will be beneficial as it helps avoid matting.

Of course, not forgetting to brush your dog after showering and drying and at least once everyday to remove any loose fur, as well as to spread the natural oil throughout.

With the above information, Furquisite carefully plans and brings in products that we believe will only benefit dogs (and owners), simply because dogs are family too!

We would like to introduce our Blooming Series, that is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. The Blooming Series consists of the Body Wash, Conditioner and Mist products which covers your dog with the necessary cleansing, moisturizing and aroma!

More importantly, as mentioned above, a full ingredient disclosure is a must which you can find it in the product page itself. In the above picture on the right are some of the botanical sources that are used throughout the range in Breezytail Blooming Series.

Just a quick overview of the Breezytail Blooming Series

1. Body Wash - Shampoo to be used during showers

2. Conditioner - Post-shower application, usually applied after drying

3. Mist - A daily spray to supplement the required moisturiser that your dog's skin needs and to allow you dog to smell good at all times

If you have any questions or tips on selecting a suitable shampoo and conditioner for your dog, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we can update this article periodically. Thank you in advance!


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