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Thoughts in a Hoop

Handmade in Singapore


The hands behind Needle.LilLove happen to belong to someone who is an avid cat lover. What was once considered a granny's chore, is now making a comeback in our local art community, where talented artists like J is breathing life into her embroidery hoops. Painstakingly, she embroiders one thread at a time, be it an English alphabet, Chinese word or even pet portraits.


What intrigued us most is the attention to detail that goes into embroidering a pet portrait, using a combination of threads that have different colour tones. Basically, all she needs is a recent portrait of your pet and she will work on achieving the different tones of your pet's fur or any other distinctive markings on it. Which means to say, all portraits are made differently and uniquely! Looking for a special pet accessories or gift? Here you go!

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