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Leather Collars

Handmade in Singapore

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We only select the best materials for your furball. The exterior of our dog collars are made from Epsom leather (a type of cow leather) which is known for its quality of being durable, soft and easily maintained. They are widely used in luxury brands and is a leather that we trust. This textured leather provides resistance towards water and scratch marks. The interior of the collar is made with a soft cow leather which provides your dog the comfort it needs.

We made this one of our top priorities when designing a dog's collar, as we know many dog owners do not when to hurt their dogs each time they pull while on leash.


All our collars are handmade by the nimble fingers and hard work of Hides and Thread. Each collar is crafted with care and customised with your pet's name as well. As these collars are handmade, you will not be able to find two identical pieces!

Furthermore, we assure you a lifetime guarantee for any defects from the material or craftsmanship. Let this be the perfect gift for pets!

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