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Oral care

We often remember to shower our pets or perhaps send them for grooming so that they look good! Many a times we forget about the daily oral care that your pets need. There can be many problems arising such as tooth decay, gum diseases and bad breadth due to the bacteria growth. So let's start the habit (if you have not) to start taking care your pet's oral needs!

1) Should I use dental chews or toothbrush?

It is certainly more convenient to use dental chews than brushing your pet's teeth. Dental chews that are certified and designed properly can help to rub against the tooth and remove the trapped debris. You have to be mindful about the various and many upcoming brands coming up with claims on how good they are. It is good to do a check and ensure they are not from any unknown sources.

The toothbrush method is still the 100% way of maintaining your pet's teeth. However, this activity might not be welcomed by most pets.. and can be a challenge to do so.

In the modern day with all the busy schedule, the best arrangement is to have both dental chews and brushing methods in a mix! Use dental chews on a daily basis and brushing their teeth whenever time allows!

2) Can I use a human toothbrush and toothpaste?


A big NO to use human's toothpaste on pets. Human's toothpaste contains ingredients such as xylitol and flouride that are extremely harmful to your pets. Therefore, it is important to use toothpaste catered for dogs to ensure all ingredients to be edible and safe for your pets.

Most pet's toothpaste come with either poultry, mint or even milk flavour to appeal to your pets and let them enjoy the experience of brushing their teeth


It is possible to use a human toothbrush... but here are some key things to note.

Soft bristles - human toothbrushes generally have harder bristles compared to a dog's toothbrush, so if you are using it, do ensure it has super soft bristles to prevent hurting the gums.

Size - Toothbrushes for dogs are generally smaller and angled to best reach difficult parts in your pet's mouth.

Pet's Toothbrush have most features, but it is always good to test it out on your pets to find the most suitable type for him/her!

It is good that we maintain the oral care on a daily basis (same like humans!), lets not forget about visiting a professional pets dental care annually! It is always good to have an expert checked for any potential disease and for some good tips & tricks as well.

In the next blog post, we will look at how to catch your pet's attention when it comes to brushing their teeth!


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