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Made in Japan


“KEN(犬)” means dog in Japanese and “KO(口)” stands for oral.

Kenko or Kenkō (Japanese for "health").

KENKO CARE is created for all dogs as they are part of our family. we hope every dog gets the attention when it comes to dental health. 


The word is formed from an onomatopoeia for the sound cats make, "meow," in Japanese: nyan にゃん, and ko 子, which in this case is a suffix used to refer to something cute. So nyanko is how you say "kitty" in Japanese.

NYANKO CARE wants every owner to realise the importance of dental care for your cats. Even as your cats age, we want them to age gracefully and still be able to consume food with their own teeth. As owners, we are responsible to care for our cats' oral health.

Mind Up specializes in dog grooming products, particularly in oral care. There is a strong belief in improving the animal's welfare throughout the entire world.

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