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Nature + Science + Love

Made in Korea


Breezytail believes in the power of nature and continuous learning in making use of naturally derived ingredients whenever possible. Our genuine confidence in nature, and care for our pets’s health made us trawl the world’s natural ingredients. Our commitment to deliver the best products for your pets have driven us to produce botanically-based products, with the use of naturally derived ingredients. We examine all the ingredient we use closely - their sources, and benefits. Breezytail cares not just the sources of our ingredients, but also where it comes from and how it has been processed. We hope our products present both you and your companimal nothing but the best.


Breezytail relies heavily on its background in science. After years of rigorous research, testings by veterinarians and other professionals, Breezytail found the formula for grooming products. We have endured countless trial formulations to improve it's quality without making any compromises to our values. All products in Breezytail are tested with its 'human test first' policy. Breezytail is unrelenting in delivering you the highest quality products we can offer.


In Breezytail, we place a strong emphasis on community, diversity, companimal rights and the environment. We eat, sleep and breathe our love toward companimal as it is in our DNA. Breezytail and their staff are committed to uphold the value of "advocating that we will treat all companimals with respect and treat them with love and compassion."

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