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Sweet Nothings - A Furry Affair

"A BonBon is a sweet or small confection, especially a small bun, coated in chocolate." The word "bonbon" arose from the reduplication of the word "bon" from the French language. Bon means "good" in French. C'est bon!

We wanted to find a unique leash to complement our product line-up, which has to adhere to our commitment of looking and feeling good. We want a leash to compliment your furry companion. That is why we have decided to go ahead with a multi-functional leash that is suited to many different types of lifestyles. Once we have decided the type of leash we wanted, the next thing was to give it a name, worthy of its purpose.

"Who's a good boy!?"

"Awww... This furball is so sweet and cute!"

We have heard these many times! The "BonBon Leash" was named. Later we also realised the above mentioned "tug-o-war" moments are actually sweet nothings that our furry ones do to tug at our heartstrings. Don't you all agree?

Whether you are the daily jogger, the park bench chiller, the evening pee/poop dispenser, you name it! We think this is the leash for you. Apart from considering the lifestyle you mostly lead, the breed of your furry one also comes into our consideration. We want something to cater to most breeds, of various sizes and ages. A leash that not only let us walk our furry ones daily, but to journey together the rest of their lives. This leash has to withstand the "tug-o-war" moments which is why it is made out of strong nylon polyester rope and a secure snap at both ends (more on that later). Several loops along the leash are further strengthened with polyurethane leather, bearing our company's name - Furquisite.

The versatility of the leash allows owners to have the flexibility when it comes to walking or waiting with their dogs. While similar to standard leashes, the BonBon Leash have several loops along the leash that allow a sturdy clasp to shorten or lengthen the leash, to the user's desired length. In fact, we also feel this may be useful during certain kinds of dog training. Wrapping the BonBon Leash around your body or waist is common, especially for the avid runners. However, one note of caution is to only do this if your dog is used to the leash or well-trained, as a sudden taut may result in injuries.

The BonBon Leash allows owner to briefly tether your furry ones to a pole or similar object. However, we strongly discourage owners to leave their dogs unattended while tethered. The leash currently is about 2.0m long and 1.0mm in thickness. We believe the length is just right for most breeds (more is often better, but not too much).

Style 1 - The Classic

Similar to your typical standard leash, for normal holding.

Style 2 - Hands-free

For slinging on or tethering to a stationery distance without allowing your dog to wander too far off. Note: Hands-free doesn't mean attention-free!

Style 3 - Short

Good for around the waist and keeping your dog close to you while chilling together.

Finally, our BonBon leash comes in 2 different designs:

  1. Blue, checkered with lime green and red 

  2. Pink and Green striped

For more product information such as how to care for and use the leash, you may click here.


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