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Which brush should you choose?

What are the different brushes available for your pets and which brush should you use?

It boils down to the type of fur your pet has, to know which brush best suits them!

Slicker Brush

This is the most common type of brush for most pets. It has soft steel wire bristle at an angle and typically traps the fur within.

What is it used for?

Slicker brushes are suitable for dogs and cats that have short, long or double coated fur.

What are the benefits?

1. Removes loose hair, traps dirt

These soft wires catches loose fur that are trapped in between the coats.

2. Prevents matting

Matting happens when loose hair gets tangled and clumps together. This will cause discomfort to your dog and pose certain health risks to them as well.

3. Increases blood circulation & spreads natural oil

The bristles promote blood circulation, and spreads the natural oil keeping your pet's skin healthy and shiny looking.

Bristle & Pin Brush

This is the most versatile brush which has both pin and bristle all in one. Let's explain each of side separately.

What is the bristle brush used for?

Bristle brushes are for dogs and cats that have short fur. Or for combing the fur on the top layer.

What are the benefits?

1. Spreads natural oil

Bristle brushes help to spread the natural oil on your pet's fur keeping it healthy and shiny looking.

2. Softens the fur

By brushing frequently, it helps to keep them neat, tidy and also softens the fur.

*Remember to brush when the fur is dry and not when it is wet!

What is a pin brush used for?

Pin brush is for dogs with mid to long fur, and for fur that frizzes, the pin brush prevents that from happening.

What are the benefits?

Similar to the slicker brush, it has the following benefits

1. Removes loose hair, traps dirt

The pins help to remove the trapped hairs and is able to reach deep into the long coats

2. Massages the skin

With its rounded tips, it will be a nice massage for your pets and improving blood circulation

How does it gel together with both its pins and bristle brush?

Suited for almost all fur types, you can use the pin side to remove any loose hairs and compliment it with the bristle brush on the top to help spread the natural oil on the coat. With 2 choices, you can choose what works best for your furry one.


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