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It's a special day when people show their affection for somebody else or people (or dogs!) by sending cards, flowers, chocolates, the list goes on...

Today, let us introduce our key grooming set!

Breezytail Blooming Series

A brand from South Korea, it's no wonder the products from the company have been so well received by pet owners in Korea. Covering the simple yet essential needs of your pet, the company also discloses all the ingredients that are used in their product lineup. Today we would like to share with you the 3 Blooming Series products that can make a good Valentine's Day gift to your partner or friends!

  • Blooming Body Wash

  • Blooming Conditioner

  • Blooming Mist

We have many dog owners asked, what the purposes are and whether it is necessary to have all 3 products to achieve the desired effects on their dogs.

Blooming Body Wash

This shampoo for dogs is free from common chemical irritants found in ordinary shampoo. When using this body wash, you can't help but feel and notice the presence of a scrub-like ingredient in it, a similar feeling to what humans have in some facial products that helps with exfoliation (i.e. the micro-beads feeling). These little "beads" are actually a Patented Canine Derma Biocapsule™ Technology, a pure blend of rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, all of which protect and improve the quality of the skin and coat.

For dogs with sensitive skin, the Body Wash consists of very gentle cleansing agents, making it suitable for cleansing dry to extremely dry skin. Further enriched the skin with the patented Dermapil™ complex, making this formula an ideal cleanser as it not only moisturises the skin, but also supports its natural barrier function.

Blooming Conditioner

Pearl, rosehip and jojoba oils shampoo, by now these 3 ingredients should sound familiar. Yes, they are the essentials that are also present in the Blooming Body Wash. An advanced LEAVE-ON conditioner which consists of D-panthenol and allantoin to help provide a breathable moisturising foundation that protects extra-dry skin after shampooing. What we like about this product is the convenience it brings to owners. After bathing and drying your dog, simply apply the conditioner on your dog. Gone are the days where you have to apply a conditioner then having to wait for 15-20 minutes for the effects to kick in before rinsing your dog one more time. A steady usage of Blooming Conditioner can help to improve the skin condition, however, it is not a cure for Dermatitis.

Blooming Mist

Most owners will probably use the Blooming Body Wash and Conditioner on their dogs once every week or two. The only reason we can think of when owners bath their dogs more often than not, is because the dog got himself into a mud mess or something along that line.

(After all bathing your dogs daily is not advisable and actually unhealthy for the dog. Frequent bathing strips away important natural oils, so it dries out the dog's skin and coat.

However, it is still important to ensure that your dog's fur and skin are rejuvenated and revitalised daily. What then?

That's when the Blooming Mist will come in extremely handy! A veterinarian formulated skin & coat care, we usually recommend owners to use this mist on their dogs after their daily walks. You may apply it directly onto your dog's body or simply spray it into your hands and stroking it across the body. Also remember to brush your dog thereafter and you can almost feel the difference! Not only does your dog's fur and skin look more radiant, you realize that it helps with fur detangling as well.

Like what we have been preaching since we started all those months ago, Grooming (and embellishment but more on that later) starts from home! To get you started, we are able to accommodate meet-ups (by appointment only), and providing you some samples to try and feel for yourself the benefits that the Blooming Series can bring to your dog. Finally, to sweeten the deal this Valentine's Day, we are having a 21.4% off for all orders between 12-14 February 2020. Simply enjoy this deal by applying the code "VAL214" upon checkout!


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