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A homegrown atelier - Hides and Thread, where quality leather becomes an obsession.



Our dog collars are made with premium cow leather. The exterior is made in Epsom leather, which are also used in luxury brands. Apart from adding an exquisite touch to it, the textured surface of the top leather provides resistance towards water and scratch marks while the soft interior leather provides your dog the comfort it needs. We made this one of our top priorities when designing a dog's collar, as we know many dog owners do not when to hurt their dogs each time they pull while on leash.



Strong and durable – by using quality brass hardware, with the collar stitched and reinforced at strategic points.


Note: Not suitable for swimming and remove when showering your dog


Refer to the customization section for details on the complimentary customization

Handmade Leather Collars (Chocolate)

  • Removing dirt with soft cloth

    Use a soft damp cloth to wipe any dirt or dust on the leather surface. For stubborn dirt, you can use leather balm or leather cleaners instead of water.

    Avoid excessive contact with water

    Wipe off any contact with water with a soft cloth. The leather is water resistant and will dry naturally. When storing your leather product for an extended period, keep them dry with desiccants.

    Maintain with a leather balm

    Regular polishing with a leather balm will enhance the luster of the leather. Apply the leather balm with a clean soft cloth, allow the leather to absorb the leather balm before buffing it with the soft cloth. 


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