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Most household cleaners and laundry detergents cannot remove stains made by urine, faeces and vomit completely. On top of that, the unpleasant smell often remains.


The Trixie Urine Stain Eliminator is highly effective in eliminating these organic stains. A special mode of action makes this possible. The probiotic bacteria it contains develop their effect once they come into contact with the stain, producing enzymes that are able to split and completely eliminate the organic proteins


The product is very easy to use and suitable for many materials. Nearly all areas that are soiled e.g. carpets, upholstery, clothing, cat litter trays, small animal cages etc. can be thoroughly cleaned and all unpleasant smells can be eliminated.


Textiles can be treated with the Urine Stain Eliminator before they are machine-washed: simply soak the stain and leave spray to take effect for 10 minutes. For the use in carpet-cleaning machines, add 250-470 ml to 4 l shampoo/water mix.

Trixie Urine Stain Eliminator

    • Remove excess soiling and saturate the area
    • For carpets: treat an area twice the size of the stain including the carpet backing and underlay
    • Wait at least 10 minutes for the spray to take effect
    • Dab off excess liquid with a colourfast cloth
    • Leave to dry for 24-48 hours