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Simple guide to shower your pets

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Preparing the necessary items

Before you get hands-on to wash your dog, make sure you have all your necessary items

1) Dog Shampoo

Choose the right brand of dog shampoo that is suitable for your dog. Some dogs may have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain substances within. We'd recommend for your dog to try our Breezytail Body Blooming Wash and Conditioner, these two products are good for sensitive skin and have a nice powdery smell!

2) Brush

Depending on your dog's breed, the fur length, its size, there are a range of different brushes for you to choose from! Brushing your dog's fur should be done before and after showering so as to remove loose fur, detangle, and letting it look neat.

3) Shower Brush

For some dogs, showering can be a stressful event. Adding a good massage during their shower can help calm their nerves. Our Macaron Brush provides just what they need - a good scrub to remove trapped fur and a good massage at the same time. Switching to the other side of the brush, you get a different function for daily usage.

4) Face towel for your dog

5) Bath Towel

A soft and relatively larger towel may be required after a splashing good time with your dog and it's time to dry.

Preparing the bath

- Brush your dog to remove trapped fur, tangles or matt, If this is left undone, it will be difficult to remove once he is wet. Depending on the type of fur, you can try:

Wooden Slicker Brush (pictured) or

- We recommend you to put a cotton ball into your dog’s ears prior to the shower (Careful not to stuff too deep in)

This step is optional, just be careful not to let water be trapped inside as it can lead to an ear infection.

- Trim their nails if you are familiar how to do it, else, approach your local groomer.

Washing your dog

- Wet your dog! Using a shower head, garden hose, or bucket of water, start rinsing from the upper body down to his tail. Try to avoid soaking his head.

- Apply the shampoo (be generous with the amount), and give him a good scrub.

- With the macaron brush, give it a good scrub and massage! Using a bath scrub is important if you have sharp or polished nails so as to avoid accidentally scratching your dog.

- These are important parts of your dog that you should always remember to wash, some are often "left out" by owners.

(a) Joints (b) Underside/tummy

(c) Paws

(d) Tail

(e) Private areas

- If you use your Breezy tail Blooming Body Wash, allow the nutrients in the shampoo to settle in on your dog's fur and skin but leaving him alone for awhile (beware your dog will shake the water off and make you wet).

- While waiting for the shampoo to settle in, use a damp cloth to wipe his face. Clear off any eye dirt as a result of tearing and give his snout a good rub. It is also a good opportunities to check on his teeth to ensure look healthy at least.

- Rinse your dog clean

Drying your dog

- Let your dog shake off the water by himself

- Use a soft towel to rub him dry

- Use a dryer to blow-dry (fastest way of drying your dog)

P.S. If you live in a humid environment, leaving him to dry on his own may cause him to smell

- Brush your dog after drying to remove any dead fur beneath the coat, and also tidy up his fur.

Other Cleaning Tips

- For cleaning the ears:

It is important to clean the ears on a weekly basis. We recommend using our Pet O’Cera CL.ear, an anti-bacterial solution that provides an effective and soothing way to manage dirty or infected ears.

- For removing tear stains:

Tear stains can be unsightly especially for dogs with light-coloured fur. We recommend using our Pet O’Cera Q.Eye. It is recommended to apply it once a day or if there is significant tear stains, to apply it two to three times a day.


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